Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cheaps Eats

A very frugal dinner that I am grateful we even had the fixings for:

Ramen Noodle soup with grilled cheese sandwiches (last of the bread without any mold), canned Mandarin oranges.

I was behind a woman at ALDI with her cart overflowing and couldn't wait to see what her total cost was - only $103.00. She had enough to feed an army. Being able to go into ALDI and spending $100.00 remains my #1 fantasy. Continue to obsess about food. New fantasy involves eating at a buffet or all-you-can-eat place and I used to despise them. Now the thought of being able to stuff myself to abandon holds some appeal. Maybe that is how those restaurants started, when the economy was down and there were a lot of hungry people around.

I stood behind the woman with one item - a package of margarine for 60 cents which I needed to make the grilled cheese.

Ironic that I received a letter campaign plea to donate to a boxed Thanksgiving food drive when we are so in need ourselves. Maybe I'll call the number and ask how we can receive a box ourselves!

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